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DD Audio LE-M10d

Digital Design 10" basskasse

Varenr : 30054  
Enhet : stk  
Listepris : 2 790.00  
Antall Pakke : stk  
Vekt : 16.4 Kg  

  • LE-M is more! DD AUDIO LE-M10d is a medium-sized ready-to-carry case. The new generation of the popular LE-M10 in-box case, which is even better than its predecessor. The element is completely recycled and gives a lower bass lower than the lower fs value. Bottom suspension, top cover, cone and all the parts in this little giant have been designed and made to renew to give even better results. Excellent choice for a car or bigger space car. Accommodates a caravan under the luggage compartment. The enclosures exterior dimensions have remained the same as before.
  • Spesifikasjoner:
  • Størrelse sub: 10"
  • Watt RMS: 250-500
  • Impedanse: 2 + 2 ohm
  • Dimensjoner (mm): 482 x 279 x 304

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