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ZEUS ZRX 2x12" Bandpass

Varenr : 11166  
Enhet : stk  
Listepris : 6 990.00  
Antall Pakke : stk  
Vekt : 44.4 Kg  

  • 2 x 30cm / 12" med høy slaglengde
  • Basskasse tunet for dypbass
  • Bygget i massiv MDF og 8 mm pleksiglass
  • Hvit LED belysning
  • Speil i bunn av kassen
  • Impedans: 4 + 4 ohm
  • 50mm svingspole
  • 1000 WRMS / 2000W max
  • Fysiske mål: w x h x d: 880 x 380 x 490 / 390 mm
  • SPL opptil 149dB
  • Probably by far the best-selling bandpass series in the world shines in a new and fresh design. For over a decade, HiFonics ZEUS Bandpass-Systems dominate with incredible bass and heavy levels the SPL scene. Whether in single or dual housing - the new ZRX band passes make their name again.
  • The ZEUS ZX1254 high-performance subwoofer is fitted with an aluminum cast basket, double magnet and a long wound voice coil with a load capacity of 500 watts RMS. With the right amplifier, the sub brings a linear Xmax of up to 19 mm (+/- 9.5 mm) and produces correspondingly rich and powerful bass levels.
  • To withstand the brutal bass response, the solid enclosure is made entirely of sturdy MDF. The 8 mm thick Plexiglas gives the view the high-quality woofer free, which is perfectly staged thanks to the white interior lighting including mirroring.

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